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We has all the necessary equipment for test on a larger scale, currently we have two test plants with capacities on respectively 25 l/h and 100 l/h (performance given with water as media).

Test plants/test experiments can be rented from us for a shorter or longer period, the test plants can be set up onsite or test experiments can be performed by us at our facilities.

When installing onsite we will participate throughout the process, from installation, test experiments and dismantling.
We also offer rental of necessary peripherals equitment (ithe evaporators can be installed without connection to refrigeration and electricity).

Test experiments makes it possible to assess/verify the possibilities of evaporation and gives an indication af the output (quality of distillate/concentrate).
In addition, a test experiment give us valuable data for the design of a new evaporator and helps us giving you the the best and most cost-effective solution - a solution uniquely adapted to your specific needs.

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