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In 2017 we will be able to offer igh efficient MVR evaporator due to our involvement in the project on the development of a new competitive power-operated water vapour compressor, the Rotrex watervapour compressor.
This compressor have several benifits compared to the exsisting evaporators:
- Lower costprice
- Very silent

- Scalable, we can scale the gear up and down
- Vacuum up to a certain amount (200 mbar absolute)
- Compression ratio = up to 3½ without problems in air
- Impeller can be made of titanium in order to handle erosion and corrosion issues
- Higher concentration than standard MVR

We have 10 years of user rights on the use of the compressor in new evaporators, so we will be the only ones that can offer this technology.
In 2016 we sponsor an evaporator to the project, witch currently is running long-term test and everything are looking very promising.

Estimated will the water vapor compressor for use in a plant for mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) have an energy efficiency of 10-20 times higher thermal generated heat, so we see great future potential in the project.

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