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Xvaporator supplies customized evaporators for a variety of purposes e.g. industrial wastewater treatment, recycling of valuable process media  (e.g. solvents), concentration of fruit juice, berry extracts nutritional supplements or concentration of protiens.
Our experince together with a
innovative and pioneering approach ensures a state-of-the-art evaporator, both in terms of new evaporators or renovated evaporators.
We specialize in the use of waste heat / surplus energy for operation of evaporators, both in terms of new installations as renovated plants. The profit of using surplus energy are that the evaporators in most cases will be operated almost cost free.

Furthermore, we carry out service on most brands / manufacturers of evaporators, we have several years of knowledge and know-how in vacuum plant operation.
Our service customers are primarily located in Europe, we preform everything from regular service, upgrading operating systems / user interfaces, total renovation and capacity optimization (10% to 40% higher capacity, without major refurbishments) .

The investment in an evaporator is in most cases both a very profitable business and it is a very environmentally conscious act that gives a green profile.
An example of application of an evaporator can be sludge water, where you today dispose all the wastewater.
After a concentration of the sludge water, the concentrate (oil) can be sold and the distillate (water) can be recycled in your production. Your company hereby saves money on costly disposal while maintaining a minimize water consumption and usage of recycle water.

Xvaporators evaporators are always designed after the customer's specific needs and requirements. In order to achieve the optimal technical solution, it is necessary to exchange knowledge about requirements for processing/output, energy consumption, present surplus energy, desire for recovery of heat from the evaporator ect.
When the technical basis is established, the economy can be calculated, i.e. operating expenses before and after the investment.
To assess/verify the quality of distillate/concentrate compared to the established requirements, we usually offer to conduct a large-scale test on one of our test evaporators. The test provides valuable data for optimizing of the design – your new evaporator will be uniquely adapted to your specific needs and requirements.

Xvaporator is involved in several development projects, for example, a project with ceramic burning of gases inside the evaporator (e.g. Brint) or the project Rotrex turbo compressor for water vapor compression.
We have in 2016 sponsored an evaporator to the Rotrex turbo compressor project, witch currently is running long-term test.
Estimated will the water vapor compressor for use in a plant for mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) have an energy efficiency of 10-20 times higher thermal generated heat, so we see great future potential in the project.

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